activities for My Twelve Maine Christmas Days


Books can be fun all by themselves. Books can also be fun to act out, to dress up and sing, which helps us learn new things in different ways.  Enjoy some 12 Days activities!


12 days cover

Enjoy this performance of the book by students at the Georgetown Central School, Georgetown, Maine. Try this in your school!


Motions for My Twelve Maine Christmas Days 

The book can also be performed using motions to signify each gift. The challenge increases as you move further into the song or try to speed up the tempo.

12 Days Counting Chart

Print out this counting chart which shows how the gifts increase each day. Make up problems using the chart – How many lobsters do you have on day 5? Which gift can you count by 5s? Check out the pattern that develops in the totals column!

Maine Word Search

Find the words as you learn about Maine and where they appear in the book.

12 days – Geography

Find and mark where the gifts of Maine are found in the state, then find where you live or visit in Maine and mark it on the map. What is interesting about your favorite place in Maine?

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